Transitional Territories 2020

Historically, the North Sea has been a contested territory, a platform for geopolitical affairs of military, religious, economic, and social ties and divides. The many claims and interests which have layered through time on its surface and in its depths, gave voice to some and silenced many. The exhibition “A TOPOGRAPHY OF CHANCE” invites to engage with the discordant mixture of shattering and silenced tones emerging from the sea. An act of listening, where any spatial proposition – whether landscape, urban or architectural – seeks for an accurate dialogue with the North Sea as a territory of coexistence.

The exhibition is organized around a virtual table of conversation. Each project is represented by a signature on the table. What was randomness at the outset of our research, became the topography of displacement of the table. An unexpected aesthetics of shift into the imagination and spatio-political representation of six lines of inquiry.